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According to Indian mythology Ayurveda was first perceived by Brahma thousands of years ago. Since then it has been passed down from generation to generation of sages till now. Many different works on this traditional system of medicines were composed by these sages of the past.

The word "Ayurveda" is composed of two Sanskrit terms, "Ayur" meaning "Life" and "Veda" meaning "Knowledge". Taken together, it means the "Science of Life".  


It is the home of rare precious herbs. And according to one of these legends, in ancient times, over two thousand years ago, the great Himalayas King ordered his court physicians to prepare a concoction that would promote his health and virility. To this end, they scoured the deep jungles and unexplored mountains for the twelve precious herbs, specially selected and then prepared into a secret formula.


The same formulation is now prepared by a modern scientific method under the label of AVEDA HERBAL HEALTH PREPARATION and the product is as potent. It does not contain alcohol or chemical additives. Just the pure natural goodness of eleven precious herbs to promote health and restore energy. Its rejuvenating properties make VITATONE HERBAL HEALTH PREPARATION excellent for family members who are under stress.


L Kamal Batcha was born in Thanjavur, India, in 1940. He graduated with a
Diploma in pharmacy from the Madras Medical College - one of the best post-graduate medical institutions in the Asian region.
L Kamal Batcha worked as Chief Pharmacist at the Thanjavur Medical College and Hospitals for 14 years before resigning to set up National Pharma. From this long years of service in the medical field, he has held various prestigious offices:

Council Member : (Government nominated) Tamilnadu Homeopathy Council Madras, India 1980-1985
Member : Basic Chemicals, (Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics) Export Promotion Council Bombay, India
Member : Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Madras
Member : Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association, Madras, India
Senior Member : The Institute of Marketing and Management, New Delhi
Member : Trade Leader's club Spain

L. Kamal Batcha is also actively in involved in community service and he has earned high respect and recognition for his untiring contribution to society. He is also a past president of Rotary Club in Thanjavur, India.
Here he shares his success story:
"I was born into a family of Vaidyas (Physicians) in Muthupet, Thanjavur - a well-reputed district in Tamilnadu for its greatness in ancient arts, culture, music and traditional systems of medicine. The traditional formulas of Ayuvedic preparation were passed down by my forefathers and when they reach me, I told myself that the whole world should know about these herbal wonders and their time-tested efficacies. But first, they had to be perfected to meet international standards.
During my college days and my long years working as a pharmacist, I researched every aspect of each herb, the formulation and the process of preparing and manufacturing in minute detail to obtain maximum therapeutical benefits and making the recipes palatable. After more than 15 years of untiring research and development, I started producing National Pharma's range of Ayurveda products, namely Aveda.
When I perfected the secret formulations, I was still reluctant to share the Ayurvedic products without any endorsement on their efficacies. The years of research and development may convince me, I thought to myself, but to convince the whole world, I must first convince the medical professionals on their qualities. With this in mind, I obtained permission to clinically test our Ayurvedic products in leading government hospitals in India and today, I am proud to mention that our product's clinical trials and their proven results are published in leading medical journals.
In India today, medical professionals have readily accepted National Phama's Ayurvedic patent and proprietary products, and they are prescribing them confidently to thousands of people daily.


In the year 1983, National Pharma was awarded the "International Asia Award", for Excellency in producing quality


Improves appetite, digestion, assimilation and excretion. It keeps one fresh, alert, energetic, relieves fatigue (nervous, muscular and sexual), stress, strain, asthma and tension. Excellent for busy executives.

IN YOUNG AGE Promotes growth
Promotes general well being
Retards polio
Promotes goods appetite

IN MIDDLE AGE Corrects premature ageing symptoms
Relieves fatigue, stress, strain, tension
Restores strength, stamina and energy
Beneficial for sex debility
A preventive for diseases of the liver, lungs and heart
Prevents insomnia
IN OLD AGE Slows down the ageing processes
Beneficial for sex debility
Prevents insomnia
Improves appetite
Soothes nervous debility
Relieves rheumatism
IN MALES Beneficial for:
Sexual inadequacy
Nervous debility
Seminal complaints
IN FEMALES Beneficial for:
Obstetrics and gynecological conditions
Sexual functions


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